r/UptimeKuma: uptime-kuma with cloudflare tunnels

r/UptimeKuma: uptime-kuma with cloudflare tunnels
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How can I setup uptime kuma status page with cloudlfare tunnels ?I want to expose this service for others to view

I ahve tried cloudflare tunnels but the domain never loads, other then the tunnels feature I tried adding just a dns record but still it does not load the page which is localhost:port/status/services

any kind of help is extremely appreciated !!!

Just for a doubt do i need nginx to server the page ?


In general, retrieving the token for the tunnel from the CF One dashboard and entering it in the Uptime Kuma settings is sufficient to successfully start and run the tunnel.

To make your app available, you have to create a public hostname yourself.

To make the whole instance available through the public hostname, target http://localhost:3001.

Comment 1 on Answer

well I did created a tunnel in CF, entered the CF token in uptime reverse proxy settings, started it, but it just never loads uptime with the domain

also how can I put localhost:port/status/services on a domain ? while creating a tunnel in public hostname setting ut only accepts http://local-ip:port and not the "/status/services" part

My response to comment 1

As long as you both enabled the tunnel within UtK and added the public hostname as I said, it works.

Also, public hostnames don't accept the /status/services, they only point to an app, not a web path.

You will call your status page via the public hostname, e.g. https://status.example.com/status/services