About this site

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Epsilon Synapse, a (mostly) technical view of the world by an INT(P/J), me, Paul Schiffer.

On this page I want to give you a short look into my background, so you get a glimpse at the human behind the letters.

After an uneventful time in school, I started to work in the IT business at a local IT systems company back in 2014, where I also completed my degree as an IT specialist, or “Fachinformatiker”, as it is called in German. During these three years I worked with private and business customers with up to 200 employees and various technologies.

After switching companies two times I started to work as a Chief Information Officer in Mid 2018, which shall be my most-complex and most-demanding job of my career to date as I had to ensure a working IT infrastructure for over 1500 users, all while developing a new IT strategy, equipping a freshly-built external location for 500 users with working hardware and guaranteeing safe and secure IT systems as the current Chief Information Security Officer.

Despite it being insanely stressful at times I had much fun working there, developing new processes & systems and working with great colleagues.

In March 2021 I then changed companies to my current employer where I am working as a Network Cloud Solution Expert, the go-to person to ask about Cloud and Cloud Solutions.

Another big step for me was the founding of my own company, Epsilon PS e.K., also happening in 2021. The idea I had with this venture was to test the waters of self-employment and getting to know the freedom and challenges that come with it.

While starting out as an IT Managed Service Provider for Cloud, Security and general Enterprise IT consulting and products, I split the different topics I am interested in into now four divisions, ranging from the aforementioned IT division to a section for software development, an entertainment studio for audio and video production works anda manufacturing division for 3D printing and 3D design (more on that later). You can see all these divisions and their websites here (Link), if you are interested.

I also invite you to take a look at my LinkedIn page (Link) to see my complete career history, certificates and skills. Please feel free to connect, expanding one’s network is always time used sensible 😉

In my off-time I enjoy listening to music, especially K-Pop, consuming YouTube videos from my favorite creators or groups and playing video games on my PC or PS4.

Since October 2021 I am now also a proud owner of a 3D printer, although the first model I chose, a Creality CR-6 Max, wasn’t suited as a starter model. While its build volume helped with my first projects, its print and overall production quality didn’t satisfy my needs. So, I switched to an Original Prusa i3 MK3S+, which in my opinion is the best printer you can get below 1000 €. When you choose the pre-built, it is factory calibrated and ready to go, with perfectly usable slicer profiles and instructions.

Outside of my technology articles on this website you will find writings about my 3D printing adventures with these two models and other topics I am interested in.

This was my “About Me” Page, thanks for sticking around to the end and I will see you on my websites. Take care.