Experience the Power of Webdock VPS: Performance, Flexibility, and Eco-Friendly

Experience the Power of Webdock VPS: Performance, Flexibility, and Eco-Friendly

Are you tired of slow websites, limited control, and expensive hosting options? Look no further! Webdock offers Fast Cloud VPS Hosting with a flat fee, all-inclusive VPS, and a free control panel. Rated excellent on Trustpilot, Webdock provides you with the performance, reliability, and support you need for your websites and applications.

Unleash the Power of Webdock VPS

Webdock offers two impressive VPS options: Dell PowerEdge Xeon® Cloud VPS Hosting and Water-Cooled Ryzen® Cloud VPS Hosting. Both options come with a 24-hour free trial, so you can experience the power and performance risk-free.

Dell PowerEdge Xeon® Cloud VPS Hosting

  • Enterprise Reliability & Performance
  • Intel Xeon® CPUs
  • Enterprise-grade hardware
  • Awesome Control Panel
  • Epic Support
  • Starting From € 2.99
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Water-Cooled Ryzen® Cloud VPS Hosting

  • Single-thread Monster with NVMe Drives
  • Water-cooled AMD Ryzen® CPUs
  • Amazing single-thread performance
  • Super-fast NVMe Drives
  • Awesome Control Panel
  • Epic Support
  • Starting From € 3.99
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More Free Stuff Than Anywhere Else

With Webdock, you get a host of free features that other providers charge extra for. Save money while enjoying the best services in the industry.

  • Free SSL Certificates: Secure your site with HTTPS using Webdock's Lets Encrypt integration.
  • Free Snapshots: Benefit from more free backup snapshots than most providers, with 5 automated and 3 user snapshot slots per server.
  • Free Web Server Control Panel: Manage your Apache or Nginx webserver with FTP, MySQL, PHP, NodeJS, and more with ease.
  • Free Transactional Emailing: Enjoy bulletproof delivery and reporting with Webdock's free Postmark transactional emailing.
  • Free Email Forwarding: Use ImprovMX for free email forwarding if you don't need a full mailbox.
  • Free Bot Protection: Protect your website from malicious bots, crawlers, scrapers, and hacker attacks with Botguard.

Expert Support and Green Hosting

World-Class Support

Webdock is more than just an awesome VPS. You also get a team of experts who are transparent, honest, and competent. They pride themselves on providing world-class support and solving your problems with a smile and a high level of expertise. Rest assured, Webdock will do their very best to solve your problem or at least help you figure it out.

Eco-Friendly Hosting

Webdock is a 100% green cloud hosting provider. They use renewable electricity from sources like the sun, wind, and sea, and they purchase refurbished hardware to lower their carbon footprint. They continuously seek ways to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint by utilizing the latest technologies when possible. As a Stripe Climate Member, Webdock donates 1% of all their revenue to carbon removal.

Hosting FAQ

Will I get full root access to my server?

Of course you get full root access. Webdock just doesn't enable direct login with root and a password, as that is just plain silly and insecure. It is easy to become root once logged in with your Webdock sudo user, and if you really want to you can enable root login with password auth rather easily. Connecting with SSH is as easy as using the Web SSH terminal. If you want to use your own SSH client then there are instructions for that as well. Please click here for an overview of all Webdock SSH guides.

Do you have DDoS protection?

Webdock has multiple tiers of DDoS protection and round-the-clock in-depth monitoring of the entire infrastructure. Often they will be able to warn you of a hack as it happens. Webdock has great security by default and you can turn off components easily such as FTP using scripts in the Web control panel.

Will I get a dedicated IPv4 address? IPv6 supported?

All servers get a dedicated, clean, IPv4 address as well as an IPv6 address space.

How can you guarantee performance for my server?

They claim they have great performance compared to other hosts, and indeed they do. Webdock has always aimed at providing some - if not the best - performance for money in the industry. They have even gone so far as to issue a Performance Guarantee.

Can I install Windows on my server?

No. Webdock only supports Ubuntu, AlmaLinux, CentOS and Debian as valid operating systems at this time. You cannot supply your own VPS image - you have to start with the OS images they provide.

Do you support cPanel? Other Control Panels?

Paired with the Perfect Server stacks the Webdock Control Panel is a very capable web server control panel already with all the common features you need. While the Webdock Control Panel has a lot of the same features as cPanel, it is not suitable for shared hosting (multiple websites on a single VPS) - read more about why here. If you want shared hosting or features the Webdock Control Panel does not have at the moment, they support a wide range of third party control panels. including cPanel.

Can I upgrade or downgrade later?

Webdock supports seamless upgrading or downgrading of your server which you can do yourself from the Upgrade/Downgrade screen in the control panel. Profile changes are usually instant but may in some cases trigger a reboot of your server.

Do you own your hardware?

All Webdock hardware is owned by Webdock and is typically operated in co-location. This means they rent server racks from Datacenter providers directly. They also operate their own network equipment and IP blocks.

Where are you located?

Webdock is located in Denmark and they operate hardware in co-location with Hetzner in Finland and Cologix/Servermania in Canada. Soon they will be opening up their very own datacenter in Denmark.

What if I'm not happy with my VPS?

Webdock is super nice when it comes to billing. All servers are free for up to 24 hours after you create them and you can delete the server at any time and you will receive an instant refund for any unused time down to the day. No lock-in, no lost pre-payments. Read more about Billing & Pricing

Why Choose Webdock?

In a market saturated with hosting providers, Webdock stands out with its powerful VPS options, amazing free features, world-class support, and eco-friendly approach. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting your online journey, Webdock has the perfect VPS solution for you.

Ready to unleash the power of Webdock VPS? Sign up for a 24-hour free trial and experience the difference for yourself.

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