r/UptimeKuma: Monitor my external sites (hosted via cloudflare)

r/UptimeKuma: Monitor my external sites (hosted via cloudflare)
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Is there a way my local UptimeKuma can monitor my sites that use cloudflare tunnels as if they're external?

I don't have a VPS, and can set up another instance of UptimeKuma if I needed to. Myaybe monitoring via an external VPN/proxy? Is that an option?


When the sites are publicly available via public hostnames, just enter their hostnames and the expected HTTP status code.

If they are only reachable via private endpoints, then install the WARP client on the Uptime Kuma server and point the monitors to the private IPs of the sites.

Comment 1 on Answer

I've done some dns trickery that external hostnames resolve locally as well, and therefore bypass the external internet.

Where for this scenario, I do want to force my uptimekuma out to the internet and back.

My response to comment 1

Then just use a different DNS for the UtK instance and it will point to the external IPs of the sites.