r/CloudFlare: A newbie's issue with CloudFlare

r/CloudFlare: A newbie's issue with CloudFlare
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Hello. I am new to CF, sites and all that stuff so I need help with something here

I got a domain from freenom and hosted it using infinityhost then infinityhost gave me two namespaces to use, i entered those 2 ns in my domain's settings in freenom, good till now yeah? my site worked and all

cloudflare needs me to put another two namespaces of it's own so my question here is do i put those 2 in "namespace 3" and "namespace 4" field or do i replace the infinityhost ones with it? if i did, will it affect my admin panel (cpanel) in infinityhost and all that stuff?



u/eldridgea and u/twinsea are right with their recommendations, however they both mention that Cloudflare should successfully copy all your current DNS records from the InfinityHost zone. But Cloudflare can only copy entries it can scan for and which have common names like @ for apex, www, or others. If InfinityHost is using atypical hostnames, these will not be copied by Cloudflare.

The important question here is if you as the admin of your InfinityHost zone can see ALL the current DNS records set up by InfinityHost or if some are hidden from you. If you can see everything, all is well, just add the missing ones manually by yourself afterwards. If some are hidden, it's best to contact their support to retrieve those.

Aside from that, I do not know InfinityHost enough to know if they depend on owning the DNS zone for the domain, for Auto-Ownership checks for example, among other things. If they do, you will have many problems running your services via Cloudflare on your hosting package.