r/CloudFlare: Cloudflare Zero Trust WArP

r/CloudFlare: Cloudflare Zero Trust WArP
This article archives a conversation, which took place in a subreddit post (original source linked below) and to which I contributed a solution or answer (with the u/MasterofSynapse handle), in a Q&A format.

Original Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/CloudFlare/comments/yxyp3a/cloudflare_zero_trust_warp/


👋 There is WARP support for OPNsense? I noticed my iOS device is way faster on my local network if cloudflare warp is on. I thinking to do the same with my all network device.

update: I would like to use with CF Zero Trust platform (for a team), there is any experience with it?


If you want to have a supported setup with optimal flexibility and a way to configure the ZT WARP for your needs via the CF One dashboard, please think about using the official packages already provided. Any custom solution will only cause major headaches down the line, you can avoid all that by utilizing an extra machine.