r/CloudFlare: Does Cloudflare offer the use of multiple name servers on the free plan?

r/CloudFlare: Does Cloudflare offer the use of multiple name servers on the free plan?
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I'm looking to add my site to Cloudflare and looking at the plans, the free plan has what I need. Does Cloudflare allow you the option to use multiple name servers in the DNS settings?

To connect my domain to my site, it uses name servers; however, I'm looking at monetizing my site, and that ad partner asks to also use name servers. This also brings it to Cloudflare, which also asks to use name servers too. If I decide to use Cloudflare and connect Cloudflare's name servers to my domain host, I still need extra space for CNAMES, A records, and another set of name servers to add.


Nameservers, by design, have to be authoritative, so only one cluster of nameservers can have the absolute truth of which records belong to which domains.

So no, you can't and shouldn't use multiple nameservers (from different providers), you can however delegate subdomains to other nameservers.

Can you link me the docs of your ad partner so I can check if that will clash with using Cloudflare?

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Ezoic is the ad partner I have been looking to monetize my site with.

My response to comment 1

As you can read in the docs here https://support.ezoic.com/kb/article/how-can-i-integrate-my-site-with-ezoic#:~:text=found%C2%A0here.-,Cloud%20Integration%3A%20Connecting%20via%C2%A0Cloudflare,-Ezoic%20is%20a, Ezoic is able to integrate with an existing Cloudflare account. You will grant Ezoic temporary access to your CF account so it can set up the necessary DNS records and after that you can use the zone for any other DNS records you want that are unrelated to Ezoic.