r/CloudFlare: “Connect” my Bluehost domain to Cloudflare dashboard?

r/CloudFlare: “Connect” my Bluehost domain to Cloudflare dashboard?
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Hello! I’m a longtime Bluehost user and created a new site that needs a CDN. Bluehost offers complimentary CDN via Cloudflare. I activated this feature from within my host’s portal, and my site is already pointing to- and served by Cloudflare.

How do I add a “plan” to dash.cloudflare.com so that I can manage my domain from CF directly? I have no problem adding my domain to the CF dashboard, but I want to ensure I’m getting all the features that Bluehost negotiated in the agreement.



From what I can incur by reading the docs Bluehost doesn't actually give you any paid Cloudflare plan for free, unless that is stated on your BOM.

So just by adding the zone to Cloudflare you are getting what Bluehost intended to offer.

And the free Cloudflare plan includes the CDN, so all is well.